Another Wonder

By Andrew Paul Coleman

Released June 12, 2012

Another Wonder

All songs written, performed, and recorded
by Andrew Paul Coleman


Andrew Paul Coleman


Andrew Paul Coleman is a multifaceted composer, singer, songwriter, producer, and designer. He writes, records, and produces all of his original music and soundtracks from his recording and design studio, APC Studios, located on the Oregon coast. His music focuses largely on the human condition and our fantastic journey through life. Andrew talents for poet, guitar, and music composition, allow him to produce he unique brand of music possessing the qualities of timeless classic rock with the innovation from musicians and producers throughout the 21st century.

Andrew's musical career began in 2007 with the release of his first album, Malevolent Morality. Inspired by the works of many great artists including Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and many others, Andrew set out to write his own style of music with roots from the blues, classic rock, and 90's alternative rock. APC's follow up album, S P A C E S, was released in May of 2008 and stayed true to the standard set by Malevolent Morality, but in he style of a theatrically themed rock opera. This led to APC's 2009 release One Night Only, The Three Ring Show, a carnival and circus themed rock adventure complete with cover songs from The Beatles and Pink Floyd. In June of 2012 APC released his fourth album, Another Wonder, a greatest hits album featuring two previously unreleased tracks, Eventide Stranger and Walk with Me.
In 2017 APC began the project of re-mastering much of his early music and preparing to launch his new website. This will help lay the foundation for new material and music releases in 2018 and beyond.


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Another Wonder is a full-length rock album recorded and produced by Andrew Paul Coleman. It was first released on June 12, 2012. The album is a compilation of APC's greatest hits from his first three albums along with two new, previously unreleased songs, Eventide Stranger and Walk With Me.

Another Wonder has a total of 12 musical tracks and a total running time of 54 minutes.


Malevolent Morality, S P A C E S, and One Night Only (The Three Ring Show)!


Another Wonder can be downloaded for free, or you can purchase the album and name your own price! Check out the Download Section for details.